CR# 8828-2287 - US# 904-410-1041

Fishing with Captain Richard Chellemi on board Gamefisher 2 is a truly unique and enjoyable experience. Not only is Gamefisher 2 the most meticulously maintained sport fisher on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, but Captain Richard is a veteran that possesses local knowledge that few others can live up to. If you plan on traveling to Costa Rica with fishing in mind, whether it be for a tournament or just for fun, be sure to look up Captain Richard Chellemi and treat yourself to a trip on board Gamefisher 2. You’ll be glad you did!

David R. Keen

Charter Request Form

Charter Request Form

Carmen, Michael and I just wanted to thank you for the tight line hook up with Richard and Melissa on the Gamefisher II out of Flamingo, CR last week. Even though Richard is no longer the Skipper of the GF II (he has some locals running the boat for him and Melissa) his crew (Junior–Captain, Diego– 1st mate and Diego, aka Scooby Do– 2nd mate, worked harder than any crew I’ve ever chartered yet and found fish both days we fished with them. Believe you me, they worked their Tico asses off to find the fish, running the first day 40 miles South of Flamingo and 40 miles SW of the Nicoya Peninsula…..Junior and crew raised more than 8 sails, releasing 5, raising 1 Marlin, and boating 1 nice Dorado.

Second Day, we ran further, 60 miles SW of Flamingo and had more amazing blue water action…. double hook ups of sailfish, and triple hook ups of Yellow Fin Tuna….We caught so many tuna and sailfish I lost count. It was my son Michael’s first fishing trip and he absolutely fell ape shit in love with it.

Billy Boy

I am 68 years old and can’t count the number of fishing trips I have been blessed with. I have fished from Alaska to the Bahamas on some very nice boats and caught some very nice fish. The trip I experienced last Saturday with Junior and Los Dose Diego’s was the
best, most amazing, and most overall satisfying trip I have ever been on. The boat and tackle was maintained to perfection. I have never experienced such professionalism, courtesy, and customer service. The Captain and crew displayed an unequaled attitude of really caring about the catching of fish and not just the passing time and going home. I strive to be a perfectionist. To watch those deckhands’ clean areas that you could not even see, up under the side of the boat and fighting chair, showed they do too. I have never seen two deckhands work as hard to clean, maintain, server, & organize the tackle while maintaining a very positive attitude. I was, and still am, very impressed. I look forward to my next 2 trips with them and will defiantly recommend you to all my friends.

Macom Dunham

Many thanks for hosting Tom and I and taking us to the ends of the earth on our blue water hunt. It took me the rest of the day once we returned to digest exactly what happened yesterday. Fishing teaches us a great deal about life, patience, commitment, perseverance and most of all humility. We went out yesterday looking for tuna which had evaded us completely and were rewarded with a once in a lifetime experience, which was can only be described as humbling.
Because of the dedication of you and your crew, we were able to comfortably push the limits, going into less traveled waters, and successfully hooking up with a once in a lifetime fish. The fight which ensued – was the fight of my life, then and there I learned and developed a new found understanding and respect for Marlin, it’s desire to persevere and survive was like nothing I’ve ever seen and being directly connected to that was exhilarating-needless to say I’m hooked and have to figure out how to do this more often.
The crew of the Gamefisher 2 went far beyond their duty in seeing that our trip was a success from the start, It was evident that the captain and crew loved fishing as much or even more than we did- we covered an expansive amount of ocean in four days, ultimately that dedication hooked us up with a trophy fish.

Patrick Cooney
New York, New York

Just wanted to thank you and the crew for two great days offshore. We released a Sailfish and Blue Marlin on the first day, as well as boating several Dorado, two of them very big bulls, and a few Yellowfin Tuna. Carol did suffer a little bit of sea sickness on the first day and the crew was kind with her about it.
On the second day, lots of action in the afternoon with 4 sailfish hooked and three released, including a double hookup! Never saw that before, but knew it would happen eventually! Finished it off with bottom fishing for Grouper, got a really nice Grouper and some Amberjack.
Please let Junior, Diego, and Scooby know that I really liked having them as a crew and will be back to fish with them as soon as I get a chance! Really professional and likable guys.