Robert Schupler and family from Lloyd Harbor, New York, fishing 4 days off of Flamingo doing a combination of fly fishing and conventional reported to have enjoyed the full experience, “Great trip – the crew is amazing – the best we have ever fished with.  Sure you have heard it before but they are all so awesome! ”

  • On the 16th the action was slow.  The one sailfish raised spit the fly out.  They had a 600 lb black marlin pile on the fly with only a 20 lb tippet so broke him off – but what a bite it was!!  This day father and son took a break to swim with the dolphins.
  • The 17th the action was TUNA!  On this day Robert was joined by son and daughter.  They got into some nice sized yellowfin and caught 3 – 80#, 60# and 30#.  They also caught one sailfish.
  • The family took a break on the 18th.
  • On the 19th the Schupler family got 10 sailfish bites, releasing 7.

August 20th the Schupler men released two sailfish on the fly rods and Robert also released a blue marlin on the fly rod!  Well done!!