The 2023 OWC had 29 teams participating, making a total of 138 anglers. A grand sum of 313 billfish were caught and released, 46 blue marlin, 267 sailfish, 10 dorado and 3 YF tuna.

Day One of the OWC the Gamefisher 2 drew cards and was assigned as a back up boat. Day two we had the Bahamas Rotary Team on board, whom was the leading team after day one. Day three we had Team Marina Pez Vela on board releasing one of five sailfish. Day four we fished team 2011 OWC Champions, releasing two of eight sails and had two blue marlin teas up but no bites.

In Summary we fished three of four days of the OWC, raising a total of fourteen sailfish with only four releases. Raised two blue marlin with only one bite, no releases.