April 2, 2020

32 years of fishing on Gamefisher II and this was one my best! Just me and my crew on my birthday fishing Offshore out of Potrero Bay targeting yellowfin but open for whatever the ocean had to offer, we found spinner dolphin and the mother load of tuna. After catching our quota of tuna we got a triple sailfish release, me and the mates, Diego and Scooby. We raised a marlin but didn’t get a bite. I finally mastered hooking my own sailfish, thanks to Diego. Then Captain Junior pulled into the school of dolphin and Diego and I slipped in with our snorkel gear. It was beautiful being on the wet side of the world, swimming with dolphin and a large school of tuna. One spinner leapt and spun in the air 6 feet from me – more graceful than a ballet dancer. Feeling blessed.