Gamefisher 2

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Bluefin Caught by Gamefisher2
GameFisher2, Costa Rica
Bluefin Caught by Gamefisher
GameFisher, Costa Rica

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Now Taking Reservations for Flamingo 2024!

Happy fishing at GameFisher2, Costa Rica
Fishing Reports for Gamefisher2
Happy Fishing at GameFisher2, Costa Rica

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Testimonials from our Clients

I wanted to let you know how much my friend and I enjoyed the fishing trip on the Gamefisher2. Junior and the two Diego’s (my two amigo`s) went all out to give us first class treatment. The fishing was slow the first half of the day but the crew stayed after it, trying new spots and different lures and the action got hot. We ended up with 8 sails and 1 marlin (another marlin got off after a nice fight). Thank the guys for me and don’t hesitate to use me for a reference. Cheers!
Aaron Midkiff
Hampton, Georgia
When I first met you, I knew instinctively that we were certainly going to catch fish — and catch fish we did, 15 was my last count!!
Everything about our trip to Costa Rica was wonderful and exciting, but certainly the highlight for both of us, and the main reason we came, was to catch Sailfish! You guys made that possible, and we will be forever grateful. Hear more fish tales from recent clients.
Harry Ong
Sarasota, FL
I just wanted to share what an incredible experience I was lucky enough to partake in. Junior and his crew On the Gamefisher2 are second to none. They we’re more than willing to extend the local knowledge, technique and hospitality towards us unconditionally.
My fishing experience was hard to put into words due to the fact that it was absolutely mind blowing each day. On our first day out I was able to scratch off a Rooster fish within the first 1/2 hr of getting aboard. This was also my first time targeting billfish, by the end of the week we had raised a good mix of Pacific sails , blue, black and my favorite, the striped marlin. I would say for sure that gamefisher2 left me in a much better position to battle these beasts in the future.
I will have to say that the best memories I will have taken away from this trip would without a doubt be when we were targeting yellowfin with spinning gear. I know that some would consider that “some north east shit” but I think the crew was having as much, if not more fun than us watching and participating in on the action. Hands down some of the best fishing anyone could ask for and certainly an experience that will last me my lifetime.
I would highly recommend giving these guys a call as you will not be disappointed. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and show a tremendous gratitude/respect towards the fishery in Costa Rica. It is because local captains and crews like gamefisher2 that experiences like this are possible. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime.
Joe Thompson
We fished February 7-8 with Captain Junior, Diego and Scooby out of Quepos. I have fished Costa Rica for many years but February 8th was a highlight. At Junior’s request, we left early on the Gamefisher2 and made a run 30+ miles offshore. We went 2 for 3 on blue marlin (175 & 300 lbs), 4 for 4 on sailfish, 4 for for on yellowfin tuna and got a 25 lb Dorado. The fishing was wide open, the captain and crew expert, the food & beverage outstanding and the hospitality amazing. Gamefisher2 works hard to make sure your experience is world class. In my opinion, they are the best in Costa Rica. We made the Marlin University pros look bad that day.
Don Rolader 
Alpharetta, GA

Gamefisher2, Costa Rica, Blue Marlin

Experience the Trip
of a Lifetime!

If you have ever been sport fishing before, then you know the importance of choosing the right charter boat for your deep-sea adventure. And because Costa Rica is known for its world-renowned fishing, you want to have the best crew hunt after those legendary Billfish. So if you plan a vacation to include or showcase some tropical sport fishing Costa Rica style, we know the Gamefisher II will meet your every expectation for an epic day on the water.

The crew has over 50 years of combined experience on Gamefisher II fishing charters in Costa Rica. They work together like a finely tuned machine.  They are passionate about fishing, excellent teachers and humble people who genuinely hope that each guest will have such a great time they will return the following season.

GameFisher2, Costa Rica - Our Boat
Award wining crew at Gamefisher2

The bilingual crew on
the Gamefisher II are 
excellent teachers to
newcomers to the sport,
and skilled professionals
to the seasoned angler.